Accepting Personal Responsibility as an Autistic.

What means have I to Advocate for Autism awareness and acceptance ?

Isolated in many ways from other people and moreover from other autistics I decided to learn to blog. Not an easy endeavour for me .

It is early days and I’ve much to learn before I am able to communicate my ideas and feelings adequately. In some way I feel that I’ve slid sideways into another version of infancy … learning the rudiments  and symbols of terminology… all so foreign to me and I need to take it slowly and reinforce each step many times through repetition before I can actually use this mode of communicating effectively.

Whilst many may relate to all this terminology, for me it is as foreign as if I were trying to learn to write in a different language  having to master a different alphabet.

Autistically allegorical ! Yes!  This process is and will afford me the opportunity to consciously observe my mind working  at learning to communicate. Hopefully it will help me understand not only my autism but also how other autistics may experience  difficulties in communicating and give an insight as to how to overcome them.

Author: privatepersonblog

Late Diagnosed Autistic looking thru' kaleidescope of life aka A.Morand

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