Autistic resilience: talking up competence.

REBLOGGED from THE OTHER SIDE; Autistic resilience; talking up competence by Sonia BOUE.
Wonderful expose in paint and in words thanks Sonia.
Love the texture in your work in progress Sonia and the way strong structural elements lie beneath and emerging to front, at times obscured beneath the fluid improvised feelings in yellow on pink. The solidity of the opaque pink revealing their cracks.
What a wonderful expose of the resilience we autistics are required to demonstrate daily in a predictably unpredictable world especially when we negotiate a blank canvas, page or empty space that presents both a huge challenge and great potential to express ourselves as artists.

Mount Blank indeed…. our daily encounter.

The other side

Version 2(Work in progress on the theme of resilience, © Sonia Bouè 2017)

This week has been rocky. I want to talk about anxiety.

Anxieties collide sometimes don’t they? Stuff can accumulate and escalate. World events, a health glitch, a seriously upset neurotypical (NT) friend.

(For the sake of clarity. I should stress here that my friend was not upset with me but rather shared their distress with me).

For an autistic person this can rapidly begin to feel ‘disproportionately’ dark.

What I mean is that for autistics the confluence of events within a short time frame is often what proves disorientating, and I’m trying to analyse the cause. I think that probably some of our anxieties are related to what I think of as imperfect information in the moment. I find this a useful phrase when applied to autistic styles of perception in a neurologically  biased  world. It’s the difference…

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