A Code of Ethics to Protect Autistic Bloggers?

#Irishyew any ideas welcome.

private person surfacing

Just a question that has floated in my mind, a question that came from the need of many autistic bloggers to protect their privacy and anonymity.

We don’t naturally collaborate well or have a sense of cohesion as the non-autistic seem to form so I would really like some input/feedback .

In the light of the recent discord within the autistic Twitter community I realised that even if individual autistic bloggers gave permission for their blogs to be recommended reading for non-autistics working in the field of autism there remains a further problem:

the problem is this: what happens to the privacy and anonymity of those who submitted comments to posts?

Another problem is that our autistic space could be jeopardised by infiltration/ invasion by non-autistic agendas.

Anyone else concerned about this?

I know it took me a lot of perseverance to find the autistic community I needed  to contact…

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Author: privatepersonblog

Late Diagnosed Autistic looking thru' kaleidescope of life aka A.Morand

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